2022 Cohort Announcement

August 17, 2022


With the successful kick-off of Cardinal Women* on August 16th we would like to announce that 61 individuals have been selected to participate in the fifth cohort of this personal and professional leadership development program specifically for women* who are faculty and staff at Iowa State University.

These 61 individuals, along with 10 small group leaders, will engage in five two hour sessions this fall, participate in large and small group discussions, and continue the conversation between sessions via Canvas.  Program topics include identifying and silencing the inner critic, discovering and utilizing your inner mentor, communication style strategies, approaches to negotiation, and how to support and affirm others in our community.

This program is being offered at no cost to participants and these individuals were selected from the 110 applications received for this year’s program.  Cardinal Women* was developed and is being led by Tera Lawson, Procurement Services, and Dr. Denise Williams-Klotz, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs.





Human Resources

  • Lindsey VandeKieft, HR Delivery
  • Kayla Vinar, HR Delivery

ISU Foundation

  • Ashley Acree, ISU Foundation
  • Esmeralda Mendiola, ISU Foundation

Information Technology Services

  • Julie Kirts, IT Services
  • Jenni Markham, IT Services
  • Brittni Wendling, Digital Accessibility

Risk Management

  • Brandy Cunningham, Risk Management



Office of the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs

  • Monica Martinez, TRIO Student Support Services
  • Darcie Sprouse, TRIO Talent Search & TRIO Upward Bound

Dean of Students

  • Amanda Coronado, Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Elizabeth Helmick, Writing and Media Center
  • Elaine Tan, International Students and Scholars Office

Campus Life

  • Aja Porter, Catering – Dining
  • Nichole Woods, Student Engagement - Memorial Union



Accounts Receivable

  • Jaye Anderson, Accounts Receivable

Central Finance & Finance Delivery

  • Nellie Corning, Finance Delivery
  • Carla Jutting, Finance Delivery
  • Jessica Mayland, Finance Delivery

Environmental Health & Safety

  • Michelle Thompson, Environmental Health & Safety

Facilities Planning and Management

  • Jenny Warrick, FP&M-FDC

Office of Payroll, Benefits and Tax

  • Kassandra Buchholz, Payroll, Benefits and Tax



Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost

  • Lindsay Foster, Program for Women in Science and Engineering
  • Samantha Hirschman, Graduate College
  • Kylee Mullen, Student Innovation Center
  • Allie Parrott, Program for Women in Science and Engineering
  • Emili Radke, Office of Admissions
  • Tricia Stouder, Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Lori Sutton, Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost
  • Emily Wilcox, University Honors Program

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

  • Teresa Middleton, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • Deanna Powell, Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Nicole Scott, Agronomy

College of Design

  • Jennifer Anderson, Design Administration
  • Brooke Hartmann, Student/Career Services
  • Jane Rongerude, Community and Regional Planning

College of Engineering

  • Sarah Eastlund, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
  • Samantha Hand, Aerospace Engineering
  • Sara Harris, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mindy Heggen, Mechanical Engineering
  • Bree Kixmiller, Mechanical Engineering
  • Lisa Shen, College of Engineering

College of Human Sciences

  • Shelina Ashlock, Student Services
  • Jamie Beyer, Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management
  • Carmen Flagge, Student Services
  • Amy Popillion, Human Development and Family Studies
  • Maren Wolff, Food Science and Human Nutrition

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Sarah Dees, Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Navya Mannengi, International Student Support
  • Brenda Tyrrell, English

College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Autumn Marks, Large Animal Hospital
  • Kathy Mou, VDPAM/VDL

Ivy College of Business

  • Shalika Khindurangala, Business Career Services


  • Mindy Moeller, Preservation Department
  • Dawn Mick, Access Services
  • Harriet Wintermute, Collections & Technical Services
  • Hannah Scates Kettler, Digital Scholarship & Initiatives
  • Kahlee Leingang, Special Collections and University Archives


  • Roxanne Bappe, Office of Research Ethics
  • Pamela Helfer, Office of Sponsored Programs Administration

Ames National Laboratory

  • Sarah Klaes, Finance-Budget



The 2022 Small Group Leaders selected to provide guidance and facilitation for the small groups are:

  • Milly Agai, Dean of Students Office/Office of Student Assistance
  • Dacia Cooley, Office of the Vice President for Research
  • Sarah Canova, Food Science & Human Nutrition
  • Cori Hyde, Research Institute for Studies in Education
  • Ana Luz, Industrial Design
  • Rachel McKenny, Writing and Media Center
  • Sara Merritt, Reiman Gardens
  • Tina Prouty, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Deanna Sargent, Student Health & Wellness
  • Amy Walton, English


*This group is comprised of faculty and staff that identify as women*.  This includes women who are cisgender, trans, of trans experience, etc.  We also welcome individuals who identify as gender non-binary or gender queer who seek this community.  We recognize that gender is complex and members of our community who seek this group are welcome to apply.


Cohort Announcements for Previous Years